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What is chiropractic

Chiropractic:  The meaning is  "with hands only"

A natural healing profession which focus is the detection and correction of spinal mis-alignment called subluxations, and other musculoskeletal disorders 

Chiropractic care  is used to care for conditions related to general health, wellness, sports performance, and injuries related accident or work related  injuries,   

A subluxation is  a condition in which the spine interferes with our bodies natural ability to heal by interfering with the body-brain communication.

Discovered in 1895. Chiropractic has  developed with over a century and a quarter of research and treatment focused on 

Wellness and Correction 

As a practicing chiropractor for the past 28 years Dr. Darling has learned much about the natural ability of our body in healing, and the true meaning of how to focus on her patients goals, and create a great chiropractic correction environment.

  Dr. Darling focuses on spinal care education and correction of spinal nerve interference. 

 This nerve interference is key to normal body function. 

Our office continues to seek an optimum wellness environment for healing.  We welcome any feedback always. 

We look forward to working with you towards your goals!

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