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Back to Basics Chiropractic

Dr. Jill L. Darling  

 Location:  11 Kiker Street  

Office hours:  Monday-Friday 9-12:30  /  Monday & Thursday 2-5 :30                                        

Call (706)698-9300   to Schedule or 

Please use schedule now button below to access online scheduling


Please Note Dr. Darling will be out of the office  April 29-May3


We would love to help you reach your health care goals and support 

your spinal health needs!

My name is Dr. Jill Darling,

 I am a doctor of chiropractic. 


Chiropractic has been my passion 

for the last 31 years.  

 It has been my focus to care for my patients with chiropractic spinal adjustments and spinal therapy to care and correct spinal interference and support my patients healing and their spinal health.

I been proudly serving

Gilmer county area since 2005. 

Dr. Darling is a graduate of

 Life University School of  Chiropractic 


Why Chiropractic?

Tension & Stiffness

Spinal adjustments can reduce pain and discomfort and can relax the body 

Wellness Care

Can improve and protect our health and our immune system.

Back Pain ,Work Fatigue and strain

Evaluating your Posture and work stresses to improve  

Weakness & Falls

Balance stiffness and fatigue are factors in most age related falls. 

Neck or arm pain 

Neck pain and strains often lead to shoulder & arm pain  

Headaches & Stress

Nerves from the spine can be factors in headaches of all types. 

Strains & bumps

Even our young and healthy Spines need care and support.

Knee & Foot Pain

Working  to improve peek performance

Extreme Sports

Care and support for the mountains we climb and the tumbles we take getting there.

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